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Want to create your own custom collection of resin art in your home?

Meet The Artist

Layna Christine began Star Night Creative out of an artistic passion to create one-of-a-kind resin statement pieces. The glitz, the crystals, the sparkles, the colours and the unique process bring her a joy and excitement that she can’t get enough of! Although that excitement doesn’t extend as much to her gas mask and ppe she wears during the process, she always tries to find the beauty in everything, or the laugher if that’s the case!

No two designs are ever the same, which is a statement in itself…what’s the fun in being the same as something else? Star Night envisions uniqueness, expression, and having your own presence. The original resin pieces that are created bring conversation and attention, as well as a dramatic beauty to wherever you choose to place them. Tell your story through art, choose what you love, and let it bring joy and inspiration.

“The universe is filled with countless stars, each star has an important place in the universe, they are unique. Like a star, every single person has a special place in this world. Every one of us, no matter who we are is equally important, simply because we are all a shining star in someone’s like and universe. And most importantly our own.”

  • AC

    Layna expresses her natural artistry with an intuitive sense of creativity. She also comprehends the personal value custom designed products provide. As a Star Night Creative client, I would highly recommend commissioning a unique piece of geode/crystal infused artwork. You will treasure it today...and forever.

  • Christy

    I ordered a special jewellery shell dish for my friend's birthday and I just want to say I was more than amazed! It was sent out safely wrapped extremely well, and beautiful doesn't even begin to describe it! Thank you Star Night Creative for your amazing attention to detail and for making my friend's birthday special! I'll definitely order again!