The resin pieces you are purchasing are all completely unique and one-of-a-kind! As these pieces require specific care instructions, please read below to ensure the longevity and best care for your piece!

Please know that slight imperfections may occur due to the handmade process involved as well as the 24-72 hour curing time it takes for resin to properly set. There may be small bubbles or dusk fragments that make their way into your piece.

The resin used contains appropriate UV blockers, however resin can yellow or colours may fade over time. Please keep pieces out of direct sunlight.

Pieces may include real broken glass and crystals, which may be sharp! Please handle all pieces with care and use gloves if necessary. Please keep out of reach of children.

Resin can be easily scratched. To clean your artwork piece, please use a damp soft microfibre cloth. Do not place any abrasive objects directly on top of the resin, or drag objects across.

Resin takes 30 days to completely set. Please be gentle with your piece once you receive it.

Serving boards may be handwashed with mild soap and warm water. However, do not soak the boards in water. Please oil wood regularly with a food safe oil to prevent wood from cracking and splitting, Feel free to contact us for safe oil recommendations.

Do not cut on top of the resin of serving boards. The wood can be cut on top of, however to preserve the integrity of your piece it is recommended that food preparation be done on a separate cutting board, and then food can be placed on top of the charcuterie boards.

The resin used is inert one cured and is FDA compliant, but placing food directly on top of resin is not recommended.

Should you need to move or transport your piece, do not wrap an parts directly in plastic or bubble wrap, as those materials can adhere if/when heated.

During transport, it is completely normal for small pieces of crushed glass or other materials to fall off as they are subject to extreme movement. Please handle your package with care when you open it.

It is always recommended to have wall art professionally hung. Resin pieces contain a variety of different materials which can get very heavy! If pieces are not properly hung or if they are dropped, they may become damaged.

Star Night Creative is not responsible for any damages caused to pieces after they have been shipped. If there are any damages upon delivery, we will take the appropriate actions will be taken with the shipping company on your behalf. We will need as many details as possible as well as photo proof in order to make a claim.